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Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy is an ancient knowledge that is used as part of traditional Chinese medicine. Our therapy is designed to stop pain by balancing your Qi and has been shown to be effective in treating a range of mental and physical ailments. We bring the power of the past to the modern world, offering a unique and effective approach to wellness.

Only few appointments left for this Satu


Hot Stones Massage
Only few appointments left for this Satu


Balance your Qi with this ancient therapy to reduces tension and inflammation, relieve body ache, and increases blood circulation, by using cups to create a localized pressure (acupressure) and creating a vacuum on the skin.  

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Candle Meditation

Experience the peaceful benefits of candle meditation. promotes relaxation and healing, bringing you the benefits of opening up your 3rd eye (pineal gland) for improved eyesight, focus, sleep and concentration

. Book with us today to find your inner peace and elevate your wellness routine.

Traditional Chinese Medicine


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